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Despoina is an Eclectic Green Witch and Wellbeing Coach from Australia, offering support to others during times of transition. With a heightened focus on ritual and energy flow, Despoina encourages her clients to utilize the natural forces around them to bring about positive change.

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Wellbeing Coach

What is a Wellbeing Coach?

A Wellbeing Coach builds upon the support and guidance offered by traditional "life coaches". The main point of difference is that a Wellbeing Coach will encourage you to utilize the natural forces of nature around you as a means to heal, grow and achieve your goals. Very important to this process are the aspects of ritual and self-care. These facilitate protection, preservation and strength to move past obstacles and fulfill your aspirations.

What is a Pagan Spiritual Guide?

A spiritual guide offers support in the uptake or maintenance of routines and rituals through daily life. It is very easy for the soul to dim, especially at crossroads or during pivotal life transitions. Magick mirrors us throughout life but often lies dormant in most of us. Despoina helps to re-establish the glow of your spirit through re-connection with nature, its various spirits and inherent power.  

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How can a Wellbeing Coach help you?

  • Reconnect to Nature

  •  Create a Magickal Toolkit for Life's ups and downs

  • Gain a better understanding of energy flow 

  • Live with love, respect, gratitude, and intuition

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Client Testimonials

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Spiritual Care & Gentle Guidance


Your loving energy and advice has allowed my spirit to soar once again. I am re-connected and in love with my magical life. I am back, and I owe it to you. Thank you D xox

Fae Greenwinter

Thank you for bringing back the magic! Despoina's guidance and beautiful daily rituals have re-awakened the spirit realm that I remembered as a child.

Aurelie Cedar

I have incorporated the craft into my daily life, and the results have not gone unnoticed by those around me. Thank you, beautiful soul. Blessed be.

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