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Banishing Powder Spell

Updated: Mar 22

Banishing Powder Spell

Many moons ago, some negative thoughts about a person stuck to me, and I couldn't shift them no matter how I tried. It went on for weeks. And then months.

The thoughts were in relation to a person who I felt had wronged me despite the immense respect and care I put into our relationship. I felt so betrayed and very hurt.

I had never tried a banishing powder before as I felt that it was possibly too strong for what I required. I didn't want the person out of my life, but I did wish for the troubles they kept creating to cease, and not affect me any longer. A fellow witch friend suggested I should try a mirror spell so that the offender's actions would ricochet back at them. But I felt even that would be too strong, if I directed this person's actions back onto herself it would have broken her.

So, I developed this banishing powder spell which also includes some aspects of protection, and the intention was for the problematic behavior to stop, not for the person to be banished per se.

Asafoetida, Banishing Powder Spell

The star banishing ingredients are the Asafoetida and the black salt. These are the most effective products I've found for use in banishment. For stronger or more problematic beings I utilize High John the Conqueror root. For humans, a spice blend works well.

The most wonderful thing about banishing powder is that most of the ingredients can be found in your spice cupboard! Spicier spices tend to do a great job at banishing and keeping problematic issues at bay. Spices such as chili, mustard, cayenne, ginger, pepper, etc. all do a wonderful job. I found it amusing that many of the ingredients are also great at treating a common cold - something else we humans have been trying to banish for centuries. You can use as little or as many ingredients as you wish.

The powder has many uses, I burn it as an incense on a charcoal tab, and sprinkle it at my doorways. When the offender is due to arrive at my home, I will start the incense burning on my front landing. I sometimes even sprinkle it down the stairs and near where they exit their car. It has worked a treat, the troubles have slowed down, and they certainly do not affect me as they did previously.

I team up with Black Onyx or Obsidian for negativity clearing/absorbing negativity/ protection, they take part in the spell and recharge in the smoke of the banishing powder incense. After the spell, I place 4 x charged onyx stones in the outer corners of my home. The quartz also clears negativity and offers balance so that I stay focused during the spell work. Banishing powders are very powerful and I need to ensure I make no mistakes.

Throughout the process, I steady my focus on what needs to be banished and protected, i.e. not the person, but the problems they create and manipulate to cause stress and harm.

That said, the powder can be used to banish other things, e.g. a naughty possum munching on your herb garden, stress, fatigue, anxiety, negative thoughts, greed, bad habits, lethargy, procrastination. As long as your intent is clear and specified, you can use this powder quite liberally.

Banishing Powder Spell

Words of Warning:

  • Breathing this powder can cause irritation, especially the chili! It can make you cough, your eyes water or sneeze if you breathe it in, especially when it is burning. Try not to get it on your skin, and don't eat it.

  • Don't make banishing powder when you are angry, sad, or upset. In the first few batches I made, I think my resentment towards the person got in the way of making a productive blend. Make banishing powder with a level head and clear focus. Drink tea during your spell if needed. The powder got better with practice and with time, like everything else.

  • Before you banish, make sure you acknowledge a lesson that you've learnt. These troubles/ people are sent to test us on our soul's journey. Focusing on a lesson learnt (e.g. a positive) will empower your spell work, and your end product greatly.

So there you have it, best of luck banishing your troubles! I've heard from different people that banishing spells are great to do during both a full moon (letting go rituals) and during the new moon (seeds of intention, honoring the darkness, embracing the void, and shadow work) so try it out and let us know what works best for you! And sometimes.... we just can't wait for the moon ;)

Spell Ingredients:

Coriander seeds, Chilis, Asafoetida, Bay leaves, Cinnamon, Chili powder, Black salt, Wormwood, Cornflowers, Calamus root, Dragon’s blood, Black Onyx and Quartz, Orris root, Mustard seeds, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper

Blessed be, dear souls.


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