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Updated: Mar 22

A perplexing duality exists for each modern being that which is superficial, driving economic cogs

and pre-programmed beliefs of achievement steeped in materiality and ego-agendas

This is the quandary that pains the human spirit.

Our natural connections have been severed.

Artificial light blocks the starry skies.

And most have long forgotten the cycles;

The extent of our awareness is superficial.

The subconscious, our primal connections

with nature, and its powerful energies

Lie fallow, existing only in dreams, deja vu, or

comical coincidence.

We have uprooted and plugged into modern society.

The moon, her tides, the seasons, the harvests

The sun's rays and length of days

the preferred times to germinate, bloom and perish

Are no longer celebrated, valued, or even known.

The duality must merge

To do this, one must accept their place

As an influential aspect of their eco-system

A fingertip covered in dirt contains a universe of life

A human body consists of 99% microbes

We are living eco-systems, mirroring the world around us.

We are not above the Earth. We are the Earth.

We do not end at our fingertips.

Time to honour that around us and within us.

Re-connect to the divinity of nature, her blessings, her pain.

We must take it on, lessen her burdens and celebrate her majesty.

Don't let daily life mire you in anxiety.

The small things compare not to our Universe,

Stop and breathe through modern complaints.

Your pain reveals that you value the wrong things.

Spend more time honouring your natural world.

You owe it your life. It is your life.

With this shift, a new day dawns.

A great transition occurs;

When duality becomes a singular reality.

Awareness of symbols and subconscious underpinnings

Reveal a freedom that's been long forgotten by modern humans

Celebrate life from your fingertips to the starry skies

Renewed gratitude for your connection and role.

As soon as you can pinpoint and direct your own energetic changes,

You will then recognize the subtle energetic changes that nature offers us.

This is when the Magick happens.

Blessed be.

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