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Intuition Bath Blend for Accessing Higher Consciousness

Updated: Mar 22

Intuition bath blend, higher consciousness

I was running out of space in my kitchen. With my family ever-so-slightly annoyed with my witchy paraphernalia taking up the precious cupboard and bench space, I was exiled from our main living areas to work in the bathroom.


The bath is a sacred space for cleansing, release, meditation, and relaxation. In addition, a bath-tub is much like a cauldron that you can immerse your entire body in. For big spells, use a big bath! I prefer to use baths, washes, and sprays when using these herbs as some are very bitter tasting (especially Reishi and Wormwood).

**There is also the potential for adverse reactions when ingesting these sacred herbs, so to play it safe, I dilute them in bathwater.

If you are tired, emotional, or experiencing nervous complaints, you may prefer to focus on some relaxation spells prior to attempting this blend. It is best to work your way “up” to the task of accessing higher consciousness. Try 7 days of calm, with self-care and health as your top priority. Once you have shifted your layer of mundane concerns, give this bath a spin. Or alternatively, you may find this intuitive bath blend works a treat for you on the first execution and you begin happily conversing with the spirits of other realms while you soak. You never know. I require at least a week-long purge of junk - both of mind and body - before I can hit the right “vibe”. This is a potent blend of very strong herbs with very powerful properties, so please handle them with respect and care. If you are unsure of quantities, less is more. One, some, or all of these herbs can be used to guide you on your intuitive journey.

I pre-brew my ingredients in the cauldron and then strain the tincture into the running bath water to prevent mess (otherwise you’ll be picking lotus petals out of your hair for days). Also, I should note that my Reishi powder crystallized into a beautiful obsidian-looking heart, it is usually in powdered form. If you don’t wish to “muddy” your bathwater, you can mix the Reishi powder with some tea-tree-infused Manuka honey and apply it as a face masque.

Intuition bath blend, amethyst

I included amethyst, sodalite, lapis lazuli, and moonstone in this ritual based on their specific attributes - after they finished posing for the photos I added them to the bath too. Also, I lit an obligatory purple candle. Although it was not shown in the clip, fresh mugwort leaves were first added to the cauldron, I harvested these from my garden.

Before adding to the bath, be sure to fill a bottle or two of your brew. I keep my diluted “intuitive spritz” spray bottle in the fridge, and spray myself liberally when I begin to lose my insights or feel preoccupied with “small stuff”. You can add essential oils to your spritz too. I love clary sage and cedarwood for my intuition blend.

**Warning: consult with a qualified healthcare provider before using any herbal products (even diluted in a bath), particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, have any medical conditions, or prescribed medication.

damiana tea, intuition bath blend
Damiana Tea

** I was drinking Damiana tea during my bath - not the intuition blend brew.

Reishi Mushroom

“Ling Zhi” is the Chinese word for Reishi and loosely translates to “divine mushroom”, spirit herb, or the herb of immortality. In many ancient manuscripts, it is depicted as the bridge between Heaven and Earth and was used in rituals to promote spiritual radiance and transformation. From a traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, Reishi is a shen herb that acts to nourish and cultivate your spiritual purpose allowing you to find your true inner self. Some shamans believe that Reishi can help unpack psychic baggage, thoughts, and ideas that have been holding back your spiritual growth. Reishi is considered to be one of the best herbs for meditation where it calms and settles the heart, mind, and body allowing, in that quiet state, to tap into your spirit. With this increased tranquility, meditation and other spiritual practices become more natural.

Blue Lotus

This “Holy Flower” was prized by ancient Egyptians and Mayan people for its beauty and medicinal effects. It contains apomorphine; a psychoactive alkaloid that stimulates dopamine receptors and promotes a sense of euphoria. It is affiliated with clearing energy blockages and allows us to expand our stream of consciousness, reaching higher states of self. It’s typically taken as a tea.

Intuition bath blend, mugwort leaves
Fresh Mugwort leaves from the garden


A visionary, psychic herb, Mugwort has been used since the 10th century to promote lucid dreaming and visualization. Containing the chemical compound thujone, it acts on GABA neurotransmitters which can convey mood-elevating effects. Mugwort can be absorbed transdermally (through the skin) before sleep, meditation, or in preparation for one’s own psychic practice. It can also be mixed with herbal smoking blends, which promote a sense of calm.


"Artemisia Absinthium" is named after the Greek goddess Artemis is commonly used in magick to develop and enhance psychic awareness and intuition. Wormwood is a powerful spirit herb, enhancing meditation and allowing one to connect more freely with other beings, spirits, and the deceased. It also contains thujone so be careful if you wish to ingest it. It is incredibly bitter. In addition, wormwood is the active constituent of Absinthe, a drink well associated with creativity and aesthetic enlightenment. Excessive consumption of the drink was rumored to have driven Vincent Van Gogh to cut off his own ear and post it to his lover. Enjoy your bath, and please share your experience - especially if it involves accessing the higher levels of consciousness and/or communicating with spirits! I spent over two hours in this tub and my insights were phenomenal.... but that’s a blog for another day.

Spell Ingredients:

Sodalite, Amethysts, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Wormwood, Mugwort, Reiki mushroom, Blue Lotus Blessed be, dear souls. D

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