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Spiritual Support Clients

After my series of unfortunate life events, I really felt disconnected from the world around me. My soul felt so very close to death. I was a shell of a person, in recovery from an addiction that removed my life's essence. Your loving energy and advice has allowed my spirit to soar once again. I am re-connected and in love with my magical life. I am back, and I owe it to you.

Thank you D xox


Thank you for bringing back the magic! Despoina's guidance and beautiful daily rituals have re-awakened the spirit realm that I remembered as a child. I now see the spirits, the symbols, and the gentle nudges in the right direction. The Earth provides us with tools to re-connect, and they are literally staring us right in the face! Thank you Despoina, you're the conduit I've been searching for these past 3 decades.

Fae Greenwinter

It seemed so strange to me that despite achieving every goal I set, running a successful company, being healthy and adopting many "new age" principles, I still struggled with a lacklustre outlook in life. I've had business coaches and life coaches... so I tried a spiritual coach and Despoina was more than I could have hoped for. I needed paganism and it turns out, paganism needed me. I have incorporated the craft into my daily life, and the results have not gone unnoticed by those around me. Thank you, beautiful soul. Blessed be.

Aurelie Cedar

I'm so happy to share my experience. Despoina has the wisdom of maiden, mother and crone all rolled into one hooded figure. Her advice is well thought out, caring, and forever focussed on the greater good. I needed to learn forgiveness, and also needed to protect myself from negative energy in all of its forms. Despoina said "leave it with me". The next day I received an email with spells, amulets, a shopping list for items of semi-precious stones and herbs. I am never leaving myself open again! I love the daily practices and have truly embraced living a magical existence. I will be a client for life. Thank you!


To be perfectly honest, I was quite dubious when I first contacted Despoina. I have met many charlatans in my travels so was quite reserved and sceptical on my initial consult. Despoina is very warm though and when she mentioned she doesn't claim to be a psychic or anything she's not - I felt at ease. Despoina is a modern-day white witch who genuinely loves humans and the natural world. I like how she tailored my interests to specialisations within the craft (I'm a chef) and when I have an issue, she always has my back and is ready to listen. Thanks for warming this cynical heart of mine.


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Book Online


The first thing Despoina told me was "change takes time and effort". And I think that's true. We started with some daily rituals which do not take up too much time but are imperative to the results I wanted to achieve. I wanted my prophetic dreams to return. Despoina helped me with locating herbs and spells to assist me with this and gave some advice on certain lifestyle changes I might want to consider to sharpen my intuition. I took it all on board. And you know what? My dreams are back! I feel like this whole big beautiful planet is supporting my journey, I owe it so much and so thankful I stumbled across this webpage!


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